North Dakota Severe
Weather Radio Frequencies 
*Statewide* North Dakota EMA 154.085, 155.370
Adams Hettinger Adams Co. Skywarn 146.880-
Barnes Valley City Barnes Co. Skywarn 146.970-
Benson Leeds Benson Co. Skywarn 147.000-
Benson Maddock Benson Co. Skywarn 147.240+, 442.250+
Bowman Bowman Bowman Co. EMA 153.845, 159.120
Bowman Bowman Bowman Co. Skywarn 145.310-, 145.250-
Burleigh Bismarck Burleigh Co. Skywarn 146.850, 146.940-, 147.390-
Cass Fargo Cass Co. Skywarn 145.350- (PL 123.0), 146.970-
Cass Grandin Cass Co. Skywarn 146.760-
Cass Horace Cass Co. Skywarn 146.715-, 443.750+
Cavalier Langdon Cavalier Co. Skywarn 146.790-, 441.525+
Dickey Ellendale Dickey Co. EMA 155.850, 158.995
Dickey Ellendale Dickey Co. Skywarn 146.330
Dunn Killdeer Dunn Co. Skywarn 146.640-
Foster Carrington Foster Co. Skywarn 146.670-
Golden Valley Beach Golden Valley Co. EMA 154.805
Golden Valley Beach Golden Valley Co. Skywarn 146.730-
Grand Forks Grand Forks Grand Forks Co. Skywarn 146.940-, 147.390+
Griggs Cooperstown Griggs Co. Skywarn 147.210+
Mc Lean Washburn Mc Lean Co. EMA 153.980, 153.935
Morton New Salem Morton Co. Skywarn 146.520
Mountrail Stanley Mountrail Co. Skywarn 146.610
Nelson Lakota Nelson Co. Skywarn 146.820-
Nelson Petersburg Nelson Co. Skywarn 443.950+
Oliver Hannover Oliver Co. Skywarn 145.430-
Pembina Cavalier Pembina Co. Skywarn 147.150+, 446.525-
Ramsey Devils Lake Ramsey Co. Skywarn 146.880-
Ransom Lisbon Ransom Co. Skywarn 147.000-
Renville Sherwood Renville Co. Skywarn 146.580
Richland Barney Richland Co. Skywarn 146.610-
Richland Wahpeton Richland Co. Skywarn 147.375+, 443.800+
Sargent Gwinner Sargent Co. Skywarn 145.110-
Stark Dickinson Stark Co. Skywarn 146.820-
Stutsman Jamestown Stutsman Co. Skywarn 147.180+
Towner Rocklake Towner Co. Skywarn 147.300+
Traill Mayville Traill Co. Skywarn 146.910-
Walsh Grafton Walsh Co. Skywarn 146.760-
Ward Minot Ward Co. EMA 155.025, 155.805, 155.835, 158.730
Ward Minot Ward Co. Skywarn 146.970, 147.270+
Williams Williston Williams Co. Skywarn 147.210+
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