Project Vortex 2

Radio Frequencies

Here is a list of radio frequencies used by the scientists in Vortex 2. These are used to coordinate field
teams and information during the May 10 to June 13, 2009 project. More information can be found here.

*Main Coordination* 163.100 (Primary), 161.100 (Backup), 165.435
Radar Coordination 161.500 (Primary), 161.400 (Backup)
Mobile Mesonet Team 151.700 (Primary), 151.760 (Backup)
Tornado Pod Deployment Team 161.300 (Primary), 161.200 (Backup)
Sticknet Deployment Team 161.000 (Primary), 160.900 (Backup)
Photogrammetry Team 160.800
Unmanned Aerial Aircraft Team 160.850
Doppler on Wheels to Tornado Pod Team 151.940 (Primary Data), 151.820 (Backup Data)
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